Unpublished About Us

You pour over an email for hours, massaging every word to make sure it reads exactly as you want. You send it out and what happens? Very little. Or worse, nothing. Users click delete and move on.

What happened? What went wrong? How can you strategically craft a campaign to inform and educate your clients and move them into the type of engagement and action you want?

You write another email. To us.

The iMedia Grp Experience

We have decades of experience crafting campaigns that not only increase sales, but also sway public opinion and promote social change.

To achieve those results, we craft unique campaigns from the ground up focused on what we know will work best for you—not on what used to work or the way "they" have always done it.

No two businesses are exactly alike. That’s why your campaign and all its moving parts must be custom built to play to your specific strengths. We design campaigns to work for the business you run today, and for the business you’ll run tomorrow by integrating elements strategically designed to help you move forward; to set your company up to grow and evolve into what you’ve always envisioned.

The iMedia Grp Advantage

Some agencies work hard to win awards for themselves. We work hard to help win clients for you.

One of the major factors that sets us apart from most other marketing and advertising firms is that we deploy all our campaigns ourselves. You’d be hard- pressed to find another company that not only has a responsive database of email records designed to put your core customer base at your fingertips, but also has the in-house hardware necessary to deploy email marketing campaigns that actually reach the inbox.

Not only are we a Yext Certified Partner, but we’re also a Certified Google Partner. That means we have the resources required to get the search engine traction our clients need to move forward. And we can’t wait to put them to work for you.